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A flagship conference of the IEEE Signal Processing Society, GlobalSIP is structured around coherent symposia that explore new and emerging developments in the field, while maintaining a format that encourages accessibility to interested researchers and fosters interaction and cross-pollination of ideas.

This paper proposes regularized version of Variable Step Size Normalized Least Mean Square algorithm (RVSSNLMS) for iterative channel estimation scheme in MC-IDMA system. The proposed scheme is based on the exploitation of the inherent sparsity in the OFDM channels.


A Wiener filtering scheme in graph Fourier domain is proposed for
improving image denoising performance achieved by various spectral
graph based denoising methods. The proposed Wiener filter is
estimated by using graph Fourier coefficients of the noisy image after
they are processed for denoising, to further improve the already
achieved denoising accuracy as a post-processing step. It can be estimated
from and applied to the entire image, or can be used patchwise
in a locally adaptive manner. Our results indicate that the proposed