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The development of semi-supervised learning (SSL) has in recent years largely focused on the development of new consistency regularization or entropy minimization approaches, often resulting in models with complex training strategies to obtain the desired results. In this work, we instead propose a novel approach that explicitly incorporates the underlying clustering assumption in SSL through extending a recently proposed differentiable clustering module. Leveraging annotated data to guide the cluster centroids results in a simple end-to-end trainable deep SSL approach.


Visual light photography, infrared reflectography, ultraviolet fluorescence photography and x-radiography reveal even hidden compositional layers in paintings. To investigate the connections between these images, a multi-modal registration is essential. Due to varying image resolutions, modality dependent image content and depiction styles, registration poses a challenge. Historical paintings usually show crack structures called craquelure in the paint.


Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) for years has remained a persistent topic of research due to numerous practicable applications, especially in the Intelligent Transportation system (ITS). Many currently available solutions are still not robust in various real-world circumstances and often impose constraints like fixed backgrounds and constant distance and camera angles. This paper presents an efficient multi-language repudiate ALPR system based on machine learning.