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This presentation analyzes parallel scalability and coding speed of our open-source Kvazaar HEVC intra encoder on Intel Xeon Phi 61-core coprocessor that supports up to four hardware threads per core. The evaluated parallelization schemes of Kvazaar are 1) Wavefront Parallel Processing (WPP); and 2) tiles, both accelerated with picture-level parallel processing. With WPP, the C implementation of Kvazaar high-quality preset achieves an average speedup of 1.3 and a bit rate gain of 0.7% over the respective implementation of x265.


The next step in immersive communication beyond video from a single camera is object-based free viewpoint video, which is the capture and compression of a dynamic object such that it can be reconstructed and viewed from an arbitrary viewpoint. The moving human body is a particularly useful subclass of dynamic object for object-based free viewpoint video relevant to both telepresence and entertainment.