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Radial-based 3D watermarking alters the distances between the center of mass of the 3D mesh and its vertices. These watermarking systems are inherently sensitive to cropping. To address this limitation, this paper introduces a complementary blind resynchronization module to transmit critical synchronization information to the watermark decoder. Spherical patterns formed by several secret landmark vertices are embedded alongside the payload and blindly retrieved by the decoder, thereby conveying the synchronization information needed.


This talk will be organized in three main parts. To begin with, I will review the ecosystem of the Entertainment industry, survey the different tools available to combat piracy and introduce the multimedia forensics workflow typically in use today. Next, I will focus on digital watermarking, a technology used to introduce imperceptible machine-readable markers in multimedia content. After briefly going through fundamentals, I will describe in more details the 2-step watermarking strategy adopted by Technicolor and discuss its pros and cons e.g.