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ICASSP 2021 - IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing is the world’s largest and most comprehensive technical conference focused on signal processing and its applications. The ICASSP 2021 conference will feature world-class presentations by internationally renowned speakers, cutting-edge session topics and provide a fantastic opportunity to network with like-minded professionals from around the world. Visit website.

Diet monitoring is an important component of interventions
in type 2 diabetes, but is time-intensive and often inaccurate. To address this issue, we describe an approach to monitor diet automatically, by analyzing fluctuations in glucose
after a meal is consumed. In particular, we evaluate three
standardization techniques (baseline correction, feature normalization, and model personalization) that can be used to
compensate for the large individual differences that exist in
food metabolism. Then, we build machine learning models


The design of handcrafted neural networks requires a lot of time and resources. Recent techniques in Neural Architecture Search (NAS) have proven to be competitive or better than traditional handcrafted design, although they require domain knowledge and have generally used limited search spaces. In this paper, we propose a novel framework for neural architecture search, utilizing a dictionary of models of base tasks and the similarity between the target task and the atoms of the dictionary; hence, generating an adaptive search space based on the base models of the dictionary.


Network data can be conveniently modeled as a graph signal, where data values are assigned to the nodes of a graph describing the underlying network topology. Successful learning from network data requires methods that effectively exploit this graph structure. Graph neural networks (GNNs) provide one such method and have exhibited promising performance on a wide range of problems. Understanding why GNNs work is of paramount importance, particularly in applications involving physical networks.